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Medical Ultrasound Film (Inkjet Semi-transparent 130)

Product characteristics

*Unique semi-transparent color appearance, with a soft, soft and elegant effect.
*The material is stiff and the surface is white and smooth, making it easy to carry out various post-processing.
* Waterproof and tear resistant, suitable for all kinds of applications where strict use is required.
* Environmentally friendly non-toxic coating, does not produce any odor and harmful gases.
* It is suitable for doctors to use the pen and ballpoint pen to sign the habit. The doctor's signature can be stored for a long time.

Product Detail

Model Number: PP-T-130 (Semi-transparent Color, Thickness is 130 microns, Single Side Printable, Suitable for Inkjet Printers)


Medical Ultrasound Film Digital Color Laser Printing Medical Imaging Film
     Digital color laser printing medical film is a new type of digital medical imaging film that is being promoted internationally in recent years. Semi-transparent high-gloss digital medical image color laser printing film is a new type of high-resolution high-light effect, general-purpose medical Video film. The Semi-transparent BOPET polyester film treated by high temperature heat setting is used as the substrate, and the material has high mechanical strength, stable geometrical shape, environmental protection and no pollution, and is produced by multi-layer coating. Both sides of the film are coated with a waterproof high-gloss color laser printing toner receiving coating composed of nano-sized water-soluble polymer materials, and the surface of the film is Semi-transparent high-light effect.

[Film parameters]

BrandALLEmediHighest resolution≥9600dpi  
Product numberPP-T-130Maximum transmission density≥2.8D
ColourSemi-transparentMaximum reflection density≥2.4D
Substrate thickness0.10mmsize  8*10" 10*12" A3 A3+...
 Roll can be customized 
Film thickness0.12mmpackage  <A3 size 100pcs/pack
  ≧A3 Size 50Pcs/pack
MaterialPETShelf life   18 months
Printer typeInkjet PrinterStorage conditions Store at room temperature 

[Applicable]: Inkjet printing Recommended printer type: A4 format EPSON L805 A3+ format EPSON L1800

[Applied departments]: B-ultrasound, fundus, gastroscope, colonoscopy, colposcopy, endoscopy CT, CR, DR, MRI, 3D reconstruction