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HP indigo Digital printing PVC sheet(H-AD170W-G)

Product characteristics

*Simplified the card production process and makes the card production more faster and convenient

*The printed picture is bright, the color reproduction is accurate, and the color gamut is wide

*The printed image is clear and the line sharpness is high. It is suitable for making high quality cards with landscape, portrait and text

*Suitable for hot lamination and has good lamination fastness

Product Detail

HP indigo Digital printing PVC sheet


 Brand Name:


 Raw material:


 Model No.:



 305*460mm,320*464mm(special size can be customized)

 Material Color:


 Printer type:

 HP indigo Digital printer




 With glue


Products Introduction:

By using high quality PVC material as basic material with lamination glue coated on back side,which makes the card production more faster and convenient. On the front side of the PVC material coated with a kind of special glue,which have excellent performance and special structure can guarantee high quality printing effect.That will makes printing has the feature of clear image and color saturation,high degree of color reduction,wide color gamut,High line sharpness. HP indigo Digital printing PVC sheet is suitable for hot lamination and has good lamination fastness. Usually be used for making various high quality card which printed with landscape,people and words.

Widely be used in the manufacturing of various PVC card,such as employee card,ID card,credit card,VIP card and etc.

[Applicable equipment]: HP indigo Digital printer

[Material Color]: White,Milk white,Gold,Light silver

[Product Thickness]: 0.17mm;0.30mm (special size can be customized.)

[Lamination temperature]: 110℃-140℃(Depending on the actual conditions of the equipment)

[Storage condition]: Light discharge, store under room temperature, less than 1 meters stack height

[Guarantee time]: 18 months

[Specifications]: 305x460mm,320x464mm(special size can be customized.)