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Laser Digital Printing Sheets(J-AD300W-G)

Product characteristics

* Simplified the card production process, which is faster and more convenient

* Waterproof, moisture proof

*The image has excellent stability and not easy to fade

* Suitable for hot lamination with good lamination fastness

* Widely used in the production of all kinds of PVC cards, such as ID cards, credit cards, membership cards, IC cards, etc.

Product Detail

Laser Digital Printing Sheets



 Brand Name:


 Raw material:


 Model No.:



 305*460mm(special size can be customized)

 Material Color:


 Printer type:

 Various laser digital printers




 With glue

Products Introduction:

Laser digital printing sheets is based on high-class PVC raw material,coated with laminating glue on the back, make the card-making process faster and easier. The printable coating of laser printable sheet with excellent properties and special structures, once printed, the toner and coating will be tightly combined, so that the printed image is stably, the finished cards is long storage life, widely used for making staff card, student card, credit card, etc.

【Compatible printers】Compatible for KONICA MENOLTA,RICOH, FUJI XEROX, XEROX, MGI, etc.

【Material color】White, Light silver.

【Thickness】0.15mm、0.17mm、0.18mm(special size can be customized

【Laminating temperature】110°C - 130°Cdepending on the actual conditions of the equipment).

Storage Conditions】Lightly loaded and unloaded, room temperature preservation, and the stacking height is less than one meter.

Validity Period】18 months.

【Size】305x464mmspecial size can be customized).


Card making process:

  • Use laser digital printer to print the picture on the printable side of " PVC Laser Digital Printing Sheets".

  • Put the printed PVC sheets and the coated overlays together, then put into the laminator the laminating temperature and time is determined as per the instruction of the machine. Please note that all glue sides of both PVC sheets and PVC overlays are put inward.

  • Use paper cutter and card cutter to cut the card.